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Did you know? The first black fraternity (still existing today), Sigma Pi Phi, was formed in Philadelphia in 1904 as an associationof professionals in that city`s African American community.  It was not until 1906 that the "first" black  fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, was founded on the campus of Cornell University (though their claim as being the first black fraternity is false). One black fraternity not existing today was Alpha Kappa Nu in 1903!
The first inter-collegiate black fraternity was Gamma Phi.  Founded at wilberforce university.  It was founded on March 1st 1905  It had 3 chapters before it eventually became defunt in the mid 1930's. 
Kimbrough, Walter M. Black Greek 101 The Culture, Customs, and Challenges of Black Fraternities and Sororities. New York: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2003. Print.
Did you know? The second name of Kappa Alpha Psi was Kappa Alpha Nu, but was changed after they gained the nick name Kappa Alpha N1gga! The first name of KAY was Alpha Omega!
Brootherhood/Sisterhood - Brotherhood/Sisterhood- Instangible, yet the most cherished asset among all Greek members, brotherhood and sisterhood are the foundations of fraternity and sorority life.  both are difficult to explain, but they can be characterized by their most common bond and identifiable element, which is unconditional love.
Call - A vocal sound used by Greeks to identify oneself, typicall followed by a response.
Chapter- A recognized and sanctioned entity/unit/division of a larger fraternity
Crossed- The actual date of initiation into a cultural Greek organization.
Dot-  An individual pledging by him/herself at a particular chapter.  Also known as  point, ace, or solo.
Dropped- The discontinuence of the pledge process
Greek- An informal name of a member in a fraternity or sorority
Letters-  Typically three greek letters you earn the right to wear upon crossing
Line: the name given to the chapter of people pledging together within a particular chapter.
Line Brother/Sister (LB/LS) - The person with whom one pledges on the same line or at the same time.
Mixer - An activity where the members of one organization  visits  the chapter of another organization for social networking, usually between a fraternity and a sorority.
Neo- A newly crossed member within the current semester
On Line - The act of pledging
Paper - One who signs a document conferring their membership into an organization, thereby  foregoing the traditional method of physically pledging.
Para - clothing or items which bear greek letters
Pledge - To initiate the intake process of a greek letter organization.
Probate- the presentation of a group of new pledges  to the public.
Sands - two individuals who pledge tduring teh same semeseter in different schools.
Sign- A distinctive hand sign that identifies an organization.
Skater - An individual who did not work hard to earn his or her membership into a Greek organization, and also finds inappropriate solutions to aviod hard work.
Step - complex performance involving synchronized, percussive movement, singing, spreaking, chanting, and drama.
Stroll - A line dance done to msuic by membership of cultural Greek Organizations (usually at a party).

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