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 The purpose of this site is to end needless deaths of potentially brilliant minds. The number one reason being that I'd like individuals to be aware of the dangers of going into an ILLEGAL process!  This site isn't ANTI-GREEK it is ANTI HAZING!
JULY 2009
AFTER 61,000 page views and numerous emails, this website continues to educate and save lives.  The most current version exists at .  Click on the link or here to go to the updated website.

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Public Service Announcement
       Black Greeks, when will we learn?  Pledging and Hazing has been banned on the national level by all of the major Greek organizations. 
Don't believe me?  Go here!
Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, Iota Phi Theta, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Gamma Rho, and Zeta Phi Beta.
Help end hazing.
       Students many times are offered two ways to join the fraternity: "paper" or "pledge".  The paper way lacks respect in the eyes of fraternity members, according to the statement.  The pledge way would entail "mental, physical, and emotional abuse," but "would grant you all the respect, benefits, and priviledges of the organization".
        I do ask any of you, why any organization or member(s) of it, that seeks to align itself with african american or black culture, would mimic so closely the institutuion of American slavery, down to details including whippings, beatings, herding, verbal humiliation, forced servitude, psychological humilation, social humiliation, sleep deprivation, and even the branding of flesh, is really anyone's guess.  Perhaps it's all in the name of developing a sense of "brotherhood," as they say?!  Brotherhood?  Sisterhood? The dangers? Maybe a few people found out too late....
Did you know? In 1988 an 18-year-old Morehouse College student died hours after eyewitnesses said he was punched in the chest and slapped in the face during an Alpha Phi Alpha pledging ritual.

Did you know? Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia - Freshman Joel Harris, 18, dies of heart failure during a late-night pledging incident off-campus involving a chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Did you know? 1996,  Kappa Alpha Psi agreed to pay $2.25 million to the parents of a Southeast Missouri State University student who died in 1994 after a pledge ceremony, commonly called a "set" or "session."

Did you know? In 1991, two Phi Beta Sigma  men at Clark Atlanta University were accused by the Atlanta Police Department of hitting three initiates. Phi Beta Sigma fraternity was suspended pending an investigation of the alleged hazing of 21-year old sophomore Roderick Green, and 20-year old Willie Mingo. Each contend that they were beaten with a wooden paddle about the buttocks and kidney areas, resulting in kidney damage to both. Also confirmed hospitalization of one the men. 

Did you know? Approximately one year later, on the same campus, 10 student members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity are arrested on charges of hazing after beating James Albert Bush, 20, with their hands, fists, rubber tires and a wooden paddle, also resulting in severe kidney damage, as well as bruises to his calves and arms.



Did you know? That in 1997, because of hazing incident( involving Sylvester Lloyd), Alpha Phi Alpha no longer has it`s alpha chapter (original)? What were they accused of? Kicking, punching, slapping, choking, and thrown Mr. Lloyd into a wall, and paddlings with a one and a half inch thick wooden board, which in the end sent him to the hospital.  It`s prized Cornell chapter by Cornell University, the Alpha Chapter`s status as a recognized fraternity was revoked and Cornell attempted to sell the chapter`s house at 409 Elmwood Avenue. The chapter was re-instated in 2003. After the Alpha's begged for another chance...

more details

Did you know? The University of Maryland at College Park - 24 members of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity chapter were arrested and charged with hazing after six pledges are brutalized in a rite of initiation. Police accounts reveal that the would-be members were kicked, punched, beaten and whipped over a two-month period, resulting in serious injuries requiring the hospitalization of all of the victims. The most seriously injured pledge suffered a ruptured spleen and a collapsed lung, while another was treated for liver damage, cracked ribs and a punctured eardrum resulting in a 70-percent loss of hearing. Other reported injuries among the six young men included a fractured ankle and a concussion.

Did you know? Southern University, Baton Rouge, La. - during an initiation meeting of prospective members, a "big brother" of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity hits 23-year-old Derone Walker over thehead with a frying pan, blinding him. Doctors are unsure whether Walker will ever regain his sight.

Did you know? Cybil Thomas said repeated beatings of her 20-year-old son in thename of brotherhood (by LSU`s chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity)
left him with an open wound 7 inches around and a half-inch deep on his buttocks that required two surgeries, including a skin graft, to repair. In one operation, the open wound, originally about 3 inches around, was cleaned and the dead and damaged skin removed. That left a wound more than 7 inches in diameter, large enough to almost cover one buttock cheek.

Did you know? Kent State University, Kent, Oh. - The university was forced to ban black greek sponsored dances and parties because of a series of fights involving the Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi and Phi Beta Sigma fraternity members.  for more details click here

Did you know? Kristin High, 22, and Kenitha Saafir, 24, drowned September 9 at Dockweiler State Beach near Playa del Rey. The women were both students at California State University, Los Angeles, and were pledging the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority. High was the mother of a 2-year-old and was engaged to be married. Several members of the sorority were with them that night, along with two other pledges, according to the lawsuit by theHigh family. Saafir and High were "blindfolded and tied bytheir hands and their bodies and led into the rip tide conditions of the ocean," the family`s lawsuit says. "That night, the waves were cresting at 6 to 8 feet and creating a strong under-current resulting from rip-tide." The sorority is presently being sued for 100 million dollars.

Kenitha Saafir
Kristin High


Did you know? Joseph T. Green, 25, died after he collapsed on the track of a local high school before dawn on Jan. 29, 2001. Nashville medical examiner Bruce Levy concluded last March that Green, whowas admitted to the hospital with a temperature of 103.7, died of acuteasthma and overheating after he was ordered to jog and perform calisthenics during a fraternity initiation. Consequently, a $15 million lawsuit filed against Omega Psi Phi  fraternity.

Did you know? The University of Florida at Gainesville - Phi Beta Sigma and Kappa Alpha Psi Pfraternities are suspended indefinitely because members of each hurled vulgar profanities at each other, kicked in doors, fought with fists and canes and exchanged gunfire at an off-campus apartment building. The confrontation was over, of all things, which had the best step show skills, and the finest clothing (So much for the next generation of intellectuals).  
Did you know? If you ever apply for membership you have to sign a document stating that you will not submit yourself to pledging, pre-pledging or the sort! If you do participate you could be barred from attaining membership within the organization.

Did you know? Norfolk State University (Va.) - A student pledging Omega Psi Phi  complains about both sides of his jaw being broken, and the chapter is banned from campus. The university later suspends all of its fraternities and sororities after widespread reports of hazing continue.


Did you know?  March 2004, University of Toledo student,Jonetta Reed , is suing the school and the president of a Sigma Gamme Rho for injuries she said were caused in a hazing incident last  year.   Ms. Reed said she was bruised and suffered internal bleeding because of the paddling  (occuring in March 2004) and underwent emergency medical treatment for the injuries.  The university, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the international headquarters of the sorority also were named as defendants.

Did you know? 1998, the Kappa Alpha Psi chapter at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Princess Anne allegedly started an unauthorized initiation of five new members, according to news accounts. The plan was to schedule underground "pre-pledging" and "post-pledging" processes before and after the official MIP, which started at the end of February and ended March 8. The underground pledging brought the process to about eight weeks.
        During pledging sessions, each Kappa would usually paddle the new pledgesthree times, according to newspaper accounts. Depending on how many alumni brothers showed up for the fun, pledges were hit anywhere between 15 and 45 times a night every night for two months, according to those same accounts.

        The five line-brothers, who had each paid about $500 in dues, tried to remain steadfast. But Marcus Polk finally went to a campusnurse, who discovered that the Kappa's had broken so many of the veins in his backside that the pooling blood had coagulated into huge lumps beneath his oozing, broken skin. He had a life-threatening gangrene infection and was taken to Peninsula Medical Center for surgery to remove two 4-inch hunks of dead flesh from his behind, according to news reports.

an alleged hazing victim
an alleged hazing victim

Did you know? Five members of Kappa Alpha Psi  beat and hospitalized a pledge at Georgia State University in March. According to news accounts, they had been arrested.

Did you know? A Phi Beta Sigma pledge at Michigan StateUniversity suffered kidney damage after being paddled inMarch. According to the Associated Press, to avoid accusations of hazing, the chapter`s president claimed that the pledge was already a member and had been voluntarily "trading wood" in a hitting contest to see who was toughest.

Did you know? A Phi Beta Sigma pledge was treated in May after being beaten at West Virginia University, where another fraternity, Omega Psi Phi , had been banned for hazing in 1996.

Did you know? An Alpha Phi Alpha pledge was hospitalized at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, where the chapter had already received a five-year suspension for beating a student in 1994. It was later discovered that the brothers running the process were from an entirely different campus and had never sent the pledges` dues to Alpha headquarters.

Did you know? An Omega Psi Phi  pledge was hospitalized after being beaten at Mississippi State University in February.

Did you know? A Delta Sigma Theta sorority pledge was placed into an intensive care unit after she was hazed at Norfolk State University in Virginia. In May, an appeals court judgeupheld Norfolk`s decision to expel nine Deltas involved in the incident. Two were just weeks from graduation.

Did you know? In April, the Zeta Phi Beta sorority was thrown off the University of South Florida campus for four years after being charged with paddling pledges.

Did you know?  On November 15, 2003, Braylon Curry, a student at Southern Methodist University was hospitalized after ingesting large amounts of water in what is said to be a hazing incident.  Curry was pledging Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, he was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas Saturday and had fallen into a coma by mid-morning.  Doctors told police, he was suffering from pulmonary edema, a condition where water enters the lungs, and hyponatremia, a sodium imbalance brought on by excess fluid consumption.  3 members of Alpha Phi Alpha were arrested, and 5 were sought in fraternity hazing.  Arrested were Southern Methodist University students Cornelius Smith, 22, and Brandon Perry, 21; and former student Uche Kalu, 23.

 Several months earlier,excessive water consumption was blamed in the March death of Walter Dean Jenning, an 18-year-old student at Plattsburgh State University in New York. Ten students were expelled and eight others were ordered suspended. Authorities said fraternity members forced Jennings and a fellow pledge to drink water through a funnel until they vomited.

Did you know? A Phi Beta Sigma  Brian Chambers (from St John's Univeristy) pledge and current member was so brutally paddled in a dark Queens park that he awoke the next day to find blood in his urine (severely he suffered kidney failure). "They would have to bend forward from the waist, stick their backside out with their hands in front protecting their genitals while the defendant took the paddle and whacked them in the backside over and over."Brian Chambers, so savagely with a wooden paddle that he was hospitalized for two weeks.Anthony Dabreu, 25; Matthew Fraser, 24, and Phillipe Moreau, 32, all members of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity were arrested but not convicted of the sole charge, second-degree assault.  With the criminal trial over, Hancock raised the possibility that St. John's could now be sued by Chambers.

Did you know? Every year since 1970 in the United States, at least one fraternity or sorority member or pledge has died because of hazing or alcohol abuse, said Hank Nuwer, authorof the book "Wrongsof Passage: Fraternities, Sororities, Hazing and Binge Drinking."

Did you know? More than 40 states have outlawed hazing. Large financial settlements have caught the attention of Greek organizations and their college sponsors, leading many universities to ban the groups outright. More than 80 pledges (potentially brilliant minds) have died in pledge activities in the last 12 years during rites that involved binge drinking, beatings and extreme physical exertion; there's still no shortage of Black collegians who feel that they need to identify with something-to belong.

Did you know?it is against federal law to haze someone! You could lose your financial aid if you haze someone else? Federal Hazing Prohibition Act of 2003

Did you know? black fraternities and sororities in this country are older than General Motors? Older than AT&T. But have no real power because most black fraternities and sororities are predicated on a lot of craziness.

Do black Greek fraternities as we know them truly wield any real political or economic clout?
If so, when will they come to realize that and begin to exercise some ofit? Have the numerous chapters of these organizations nationwide collectively come forward lately to voice an opinion or to take a position on any serious issue relative to the black community in America? And if so, why aren`t the masses of black people aware of it? Have our beloved "Greeks" embraced any pertinent cause of recent years, come together as a unified force and taken some visible effective organized action either to positively influence or to effect change?

Did you know? In states that have laws against hazing consent of the victim can't be used as a defense in a civil suit. This is because even if someone agrees to participate in a potentially hazardous action it may not be true consent when considering the peer pressure and desire to belong to the group.



Sometimes things do go wrong and sometimes old heads forget their own pledge processes and take their antics beyond the limits of acceptability, harming the very people they are trying to imbue with all the positives their organizations represent. I mean, really, what does a face swipe and chest thump or licking someone's cracking, dusty, funky, spray-painted boots have to do with remembering the day any organization was incorporated by the federal government? And these excesses are mild in comparison to those that end in injury or death.

In the end, I say that anyone can go along with the group! I will continue, standing against the grain, because this is something that I believe in.

See where it all started on blackplanet! for the latest version of the Anti-Hazing website go to

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